Roshan 3G Internet Guide

This guide will help you activate/deactivate Roshan 3G Internet Packages.



(SMS code to 555)


(SMS code to 555)

Hourly Unlimited 10  1Hr N/A
Daily 200 MB 30 D200 UD200
Weekly  512 MB 75 W512 UW512
Week end (Thursday / Friday) 300 MB + 50 MB Facebook 45 W45 UW45
Monthly 1 GB 250 M1 UM1
Monthly 2GB 350 M2 UM2
Monthly 3 GB 450 M3 UM3
Monthly 5 GB 600 M5 UM5
Monthly 7 GB 800 M7 UM7
Monthly 10 GB 1099 M10  UM10
Monthly 15 GB 1499 M15 UM15
Monthly *30 GB

(1GB / Day)

1500 30GB U30GB



Any additional usage beyond the data included in the bundle is charged at 0.10 Afs per 10 KB by Roshan so either De-activate the bundle before expiration or deposit enough credit to cover for the renewal.

Also, if you finish your data before expiration date then Roshan will charge you for additional usage. It is best to de-activate and activate the bundle to re-start the date. If you need assistance please send us an email at, we will try our best to assist our patronage in using these carriers.


* Roshan only allows 1GB  data per day for the 30GB package.


You can get 3G settings on your Device via SMS by following the instruction below:

  1. SMS ‘GPRS ON’ to 167.
  2. Send your phone model to 167 and get settings.
  3. If you don’t know your phone model, send the first 8 digits of your IMEI to 176.






If you have placed an order with and need assistance with using or activating a bundle please use the form below to contact us. Although we don’t have any affiliation with these carriers but we will definitely try to assist our patronage with the use of these bundles.